public: City Lit Fine Art Show - "Excavated Realities"

Although I had finished my 'Gorky' drawing piece sometime before this show, I was still worried as to what other work I wanted to show/make to exhibit alongside the drawing especially in a limited allocated space. It all came together in the are some images of my work in the show.

"Excavated Realities I"
Oil, pen, mixed media on paper

Inspiration for the work originated from the Devon Beachsweep I went to in September 2010, the plastics and waste.

The piece below is 'chunkier' than the photo depicts - its rather like a slab of a museum relic. It was made using the 'Casting' process where I tried to integrate 'drawing' into sculpture. On a far greater scale, Rachel Whiteread used the casting process in her fantastic piece 'House' where she cast the inside of a house. 

"Excavated Realities II'
Plaster, metal, paper, pigment
My final piece(s) combined sculpture and printmaking. Again the casting process played a role but this time, I actually tried to embed the process of the method into the piece and left the original object, i.e the driftwood into  the plaster mould. These pieces have a more direct relationship with waste/environmental idea - the idea of the organic becoming acidic/toxic. 

"Excavated Realities III"
Plaster, bronze, Etching on paper, wood

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