place: The Land of Ice, Fire, Water and Space

I'm finally in Iceland for over a week, spending some time at Gullkistan - an artists residency centre about 1hour from Reykavik. I've been wanting to come to Iceland for a few years and thought it might be a good idea to combine the art with travel.  Managed to stop over in Reykavik for a day and hope to squeeze in a bit more on my way back. Spotted a Robert Smithson show in Reykavik which would be really interesting, considering he was involved in Land art so on my hit list.

It's hard to say that I'm staying in the middle of nowhere as a lot of Iceland is in the 'middle if nowhere', very desolate and vast stretches of landscape making it difficult to judge distance as there's carpets of tundra set in backdrops of icy topped volcanoes and long brown slabs of hills and thats just for starters!

Stunningly bleak and desolate.

Hoping to chart my art making here (more details on the sketchbook diary tab) and see where I go both in my art+on foot!!!

Signpost for the place of the residency farmhouse

Sitting room

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